Hi, I am Tony Ferguson.

I am an commercial and portrait photographer from the United States. I never thought this is where my career would lead me.  My career path started in customer service. That's where I realized that my strongest skill was working with people and most importantly, a team. After discovering my passion for photography in 2007, I was finally able to blend my two skill sets into the thriving business I have today.  Photography started as a hobby for me and I soon realized the power of creating stunning imagery. I started with my own personal projects and realized that I could help so many others by creating timeless images and giving them an opportunity to see themselves in a way they never had before. 

With more than 12 years experience, I've had the privilege of shooting many projects and building my career around working with clients and other creatives. In the beginning years I found myself shooting primarily fashion and portrait clients which I guess stuck with me as these are the images that I still shoot to this day. I believe that the feeling behind every image deserves to be represented with glamour and prestige. It’s an honor to be able to visually represent each project with rich tones and the right amount of moodiness to elevate my images into something that will help take each one to the next level.

It would be my privilege to help take the lead on your next project. 

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